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RAM-PRO-XL Tube Cleaner

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RAM-PRO-XL Tube Cleaner Tube Cleaner Goodway Sanitation & Cleaning Equipment

Take your tube cleaning to the next level with the RAM-PRO-XL kit. This top-of-the-line portable tube cleaner kit is designed for the busy contractor and includes TubeGuard®, the tablet-based technology that obliterates dirt and sludge in tubes while protecting exposed metals from corrosion after the tube cleaning is completed. Without TubeGuard, it takes a very short amount of time for tubes to begin oxidizing, which leads to corrosion and damage to chiller tubes. TubeGuard is a game-changer. Quick-connect shafts and brush make changes quick and easy, while the roll-cage protected design keeps the unit safe in the back of the truck. This is the most comprehensive tube cleaning kit on the market.